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General Assembly 2024

EKKI held its 2024 General Assembly in Tolosa on June 28. The attendees reflected on what has been done so far and positively valued the entry into CISAC, the international entity that brings together copyright agencies. The start of negotiations with large digital platforms and having achieved around four hundred partners was also considered positive. EKKI therefore manages a repertoire of thousands of works through its digital tools.

Continuing with digitalisation will be the great challenge of the coming years. This change that is taking place, however, EKKI wants to carry it out without losing the essence: proximity treatment, effective advice, solidarity between authors and transparency.

Strengthening the bridges between the partners and the agency will therefore be one of the pillars from now on. Publicizing EKKI and claiming that there is another way of managing authorship rights will be another of the tasks to be carried out.

In terms of organization, the aim is to strengthen office work to offer an agile and practical back office. In any case, EKKI staff will have the support of the Board of Directors. The General Assembly has renewed confidence in the leadership of EKKI headed by Castillo Suarez (Igor Estankona, Karlos Aretxabaleta, Itsaso Etxebeste and I˝igo Asensio).

EKKI's mandate is to manage the intellectual property rights of its partners, creators or rights holders and to ensure that the use of the works is carried out as they wish and, where appropriate, to collect the corresponding fee. In this it is no different from existing intellectual property agencies. In any case, EKKI aspires to be the reference for Basque culture in the world for all people who wish to acquire rights for its exploitation or consumption, and will try to serve only the interests of Basque creators.