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General Assembly 2024

EKKI held its 2024 General Assembly in Tolosa on June 28. The attendees reflected on what has been done so far and positively valued the entry into CISAC, the international entity that brings together copyright agencies. The start of negotiations with large digital platforms and having achieved around four hundred partners was also considered positive. EKKI therefore manages a repertoire of thousands of works through its digital tools.

Continuing with digitalisation will be the great challenge of the coming years. This change that is taking place, however, EKKI wants to carry it out without losing the essence: proximity treatment, effective advice, solidarity between authors and transparency.

Strengthening the bridges between the partners and the agency will therefore be one of the pillars from now on. Publicizing EKKI and claiming that there is another way of managing authorship rights will be another of the tasks to be carried out.

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CISAC General Assembly 2024: extension of EKKI membership

The CISAC General Assembly, meeting in Seoul on May 30, endorsed EKKI as a Provisional Member entity of CISAC. This is tremendous news, which encourages a newly created entity like ours, which serves a cultural sector that works to become increasingly visible.

The CISAC secretariat contacted EKKI to continue the development work of our society, the application of CISAC requirements and to jointly face the challenges of improving the management of the rights of the creators.

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The Publishing Contract and the Importance of the Fine Print

Sutra of the great virtue of wisdom, 5th century Chinese manuscript on silk (public domain)

EKKI regularly receives inquiries from members asking about the possibility of donating their literary works or parts of them, and to what extent they can use them for translations, republications, etc.

In the first place, we make the writers see that in the case of literary works the same principles operate as in the rest of the works of creation. Secondly, EKKI recommends doing a good analysis of what is intended, in order to be able to sign publishing contracts that do not hijack a certain work.

But let's take it one step at a time. To focus on the issue, we always remind the authors that there are economic rights, on the one hand, and moral rights, on the other.

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