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The Publishing Contract and the Importance of the Fine Print

Sutra of the great virtue of wisdom, 5th century Chinese manuscript on silk (public domain)

EKKI regularly receives inquiries from members asking about the possibility of donating their literary works or parts of them, and to what extent they can use them for translations, republications, etc.

In the first place, we make the writers see that in the case of literary works the same principles operate as in the rest of the works of creation. Secondly, EKKI recommends doing a good analysis of what is intended, in order to be able to sign publishing contracts that do not hijack a certain work.

But let's take it one step at a time. To focus on the issue, we always remind the authors that there are economic rights, on the one hand, and moral rights, on the other.

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Copyright, a sip

In protest, and as they were not getting paid for their work, they decided not to pay for the drinks they had drunk that night. The owner of the place sued them.

Composers Ernest Bourget, Victor Parizot and Paul Henrion in Paris in 1847 succeeded in having payment made for their works which were being played in the leading café-concert at the time, Les Ambassadeurs. The French courts recognized these legitimate rights founded in revolutionary laws.

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Degas: Le Café-concert aux ambassadeurs (public domain)


The next Rembrandts and copyright

The Next Rembrandt. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Artificial intelligence (AI), in the context of computer science, is a discipline and a set of cognitive and intellectual capacities expressed by computer systems or combinations of algorithms, the purpose of which is to create machines that imitate human intelligence to perform tasks, and that can improve as they collect more information. And now that artificial intelligence can create work on its own, what are the implications for copyright?

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