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The future of Europe

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Sometimes the heart of the debate seems to be far away, at the international level. But nowadays the local and the distant are just a click away from each other. Creation is the place where the global and the local meet, with contradictions and opportunities. It is a matter of adjusting the management of rights in order to manage cultural uses as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. In this review we will briefly discuss the direction in which the EU is trying to set its agenda on creative content. This is the frame. The challenge, however, should be the empowerment of artists and rights holders.

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Letter to Isaac McPherson

Jefferson's Monticello in the summer of 2014
Javad Jarrahi (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Among the letters that the third president of the United States of America Thomas Jefferson (Shadwell, Virginia, 1743-Monticello, 1826) wrote to Isaac McPherson, a Baltimore businessman, is that of August 13, 1813, which even today continues to inspire a profound debate: that of the limits of intellectual and industrial property, and its submission to the common good.

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Visual artists and their rights: an EKKI seminar feature report

Marina Abramovi?, Artist is Present (2010), Performance, MoMa. Arg.: Shelby Lessig - CC BY-SA 3.0.

María Pastor Corrales, attendee to the EKKI 2019 seminar on visual artists and their oftentimes forgotten intellectual property rights, has written a personal chronicle about a very special meeting. Marta C. Dehesa, lawyer and expert on the subject taught, in fact, a very enlightening class. [In euskera]

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