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General Assembly 2023: addressing the challenges

© Juan Urretavizcaya - Chroma

“In the universe of utilitarianism, a hammer is worth more than a symphony, a knife more than a poem, a wrench more than a painting: after all, it is easy to realize the effectiveness of a tool; and it is increasingly difficult to understand what music, literature or art can be for” (Nuccio Ordine, Diamante 1958 - Cosenza 2023).

Without taking away the importance of work tools, the annual EKKI General Assembly held in Tolosa on June 2, has tried to value the copyright of the different disciplines that "beautify and enhance life", such as music, audiovisual, graphic arts, literature or performing arts.

Increasing the number of members, reaching agreements with internet platforms for the collection of rights and collaborating with the international entity CISAC are the objectives of the board led by Castillo Suarez (Igor Estankona, Karlos Aretxabaleta, Itsaso Etxebeste and Iñigo Asensio) for the coming months.